Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Oh the babies

Today I saw a vid wich may be a bit old, but pretty much creeped me out. It was a guy with a very sharp knife slicing a cake. Uhh? Oh yeah did I mention the cake was made in a form that looked like a baby and the guy with the big sharp knife is about to slice the head? What's wrong with you people!! Oh well here it is if you wanna watch it, don't click it if you are a sensitive wuss.

Oh well, inevitably that made me remember about that common hoax about how it was believed that people in the southeastern asian countries used to eat human fetus. Seriously whats wrong with you people!! Avant-grade art striked again. This time it was this guy named Zhu Yu and his performance named "eating people" (now you know what to google if you wanna watch the images, I know many of you will, but you have probably watched them already) Anyways he didn't get a chance to show his work in an art show because it was just a little bit controversial. However the internet did the hard work for him.

So people in those countries actually do not eat babies? Well cannibalism is not exactly legal on any country so its not supported by, as the urban legend used to make it sound. So uhh this guy ehh...? Well he said he stole a fetus and cooked it himself (the image is more shocking if what is happening there is actually true), but this is unlikely or he would be in jail for it.

Anyways!!!!!!!, random cute pic to clear the mind.

Monday, April 25, 2011


If there is something I hate is being sick, specially a cold in spring, so I apologize I couldn't post yesterday because I was feeling really ill, so I stayed on bed all day. It was specially annoying because I had a lot of stuff to do and I thought I didn't really had time to be sick lying on bed cussing everything around.

Oh well! After being all doped for the medicine, my mind started to fly and wondered... time... Why do I say I don't have time, when there is people probably doing a lot more things every day, and they don't complain about it? Maybe they appreciate every little moment of their time as something valuable and they try to do something with it?

One person I admire, is one of my college teachers. He has time for his classes, has time for his work, has time for his PhD, has time for his family. Damn! and he has the same time every day as you and me do. There is always time, stop complaining, start doing.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

F**n holograms how do they work

Oh well, I spent the whole day playing with photoshop so I didn't have time to prepare anything so chances are you have seen this ^_^

This is Hatsune Miku, world's most famous "virtual diva". Wth virtual diva? yeah, that's how people usually refer to her. She is basically a voice bank from a singing synthesizing program from Yamaha, Vocaloid 2. Pretty much you can use her to sing for you if you suck at it (and know japanese because is the language she is avaiable at)

She gained a lot of popularity thru japan and around the world after many developers used the voicebank to perform songs. What I find interesting about it is, that all the developers have been eventually creating her a "personality" thru all the songs they have been making. Da fk, how can they do that? I don't really think it was intentional, but the lyrics usually have a lot of meaning and often tell a story helped with anime-like images based on the original concept art of the voice bank. So at the end, new creatos took that as established and was base for the next songs and so on. Same happened with the new voicebanks they have been developing. Everyone has a different personality wich has been growing since they came out.

Below is a link of one of Mku's concerts. Wait how does a virtual character has a concert? Since they have become really really popular in Niconico Douga (Some kind of japanese youtube) the creators performed a concert with the most famous songs using a live band, but playbacking the vocals. And since they are japanese, they did a full hologram of Miku to sing for the gathering of japanese freaks. Just check it out!

Friday, April 22, 2011


Spring Break is over and I didn't have time to go anywhere. Summer vacation is comming soon and all I can think of is I WANT TO REST! My last year of college is almost over so my mind flies far far away wondering Where would I go if I had the money? I think the answer is simple, there are a lot of places I want to visit (if i had the money ofcouse!) but the first would be without any doubt, Therme Vals, wich is an hotel/spa complex in Vals, built over the only thermal spring in the Graub√ľnden canton in Switzerland.

In the 1960s a German property developer, Karl Kurt Vorlop, built a hotel complex with over 1,000 beds to take advantage of the naturally occurring thermal springs and the source, which provides the water for Valser mineral water, sold throughout Switzerland. After the developer went bankrupt, the village of Vals bought up the five hotels in the development in 1983 and resolved to commission a hydrotherapy centre at the centre of the five hotels, at the source of the thermal springs.

Peter Zumthor was selected as architect for the spa, and the facility was built between 1993 and 1996. The site owners asked the architect to design the building between the 5 hotels complex in a way it wouldnt disturb the view of the surroundings. So he decided to create a form of cave or quarry structure, using the natural stone slabs from the area half buried into the hillside with a grass roof structure wich makes it look like it was always there, even before the hotels were built.

The spa was planned for visitors to rediscover the ancient benefits of bathing. The interior is designed in a way the combination of natural and artificial light and shades, textures, scents, water temperature, and open and enclosed spaces, offer a highly sensuous and restorative experience.

 If you are interested here is a documental about the complex, with the architect concepts and great images.


Walking thru the supermarket minding my own bussiness as usual wondering what am I gonna dinner today, and then I saw it... there it was again staring at me with that creepy smile... And so I remembered the first time we met, it wasn't long ago, but it was a tragedy, oh! the memories giving me nightmares, I won't let them chase me anymore!!!!!

I'm decided. I grab it  tightly and pull it to my shopping car. Rice flour. I'm gonna try to make dangos a second time.

If any of you watches/likes anime you have probably heard about them, I did too so I wanted to try them at least once, but my first attempt went terribly wrong.

This guy's recipe is amazing so u should check it out if interested (^_^).

And so I followed this vid and tried once again to make the goddamn dangos, but this time it was a success! I wish I had my camera with me but it's still stolen... yeah long story short, friend asked me to borrow my camera, then he got it lost, promissed to pay it back, it's been 2 years since.

I took pics of whole process with crappy cellphone cam but they're so bad I dont really want to upload them. Anyways!!!! The dangos taste so good, the mitarashi sauce is just delicious, you should try to do them too!

What could have gone wrong on my first try you may wonder... Well there are two kinds of fluor for dango, I followed the wrong recipe in wich I had to put the dango balls in boiling water for a couple minutes. So at the end, the dough was raw. And that's all im going to say about it!!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Surrealism and 4/20

So.. happy 4/20 everyone stay safe!!

Earlier today I was lying on the floor thinking what would be good to publish.

Tic toc tic toc tic toc

When I was happily about to fall asleep something pops up my mind like Oh! I remember ages ago entourage of hippies knelt and worshiped Alejandro Jodorowsky for making "The Bible of LSD" so sounds like pretty good idea to talk about him on a day like this.

Most of you will be like who the hell is this guy?? Well! this guy is mostly known for his avant-garde films, his work is filled with violently surreal images and a hybrid blend of mysticism and religious provocation. -Wat? - Basically his films are strange and full of symbolisms. You just need to watch it to understand what am I talking about.

Right now I'm going to rewatch the movies and probably do some commentary on each one of them for another post some other time, I've found a few but none of them seem to understand whats actually going on. Like this guy im linking he addmited he didn't understand the films but he can give you some insight on them if you are interested.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


So tired...

-Have you ever seen yourself and what you are doing, and wondered, is this what I wanted? A friend asked me early today, that kept me thinking all the day and still I dont know what to answer.

What exactly did I want? or more accurate What do I want?  I wish i knew. No wonder why my lack of motivation. I hope to find the answer not too late.

So, for you... What do you want? Is your current self a step to achieve what you wanted or are you already there?

Monday, April 18, 2011

24 Hours

And so the countdown begins. Wich? hours without sleep, forcing myself to work but procastinating all the time. Anyways its good to find some stuff. This time Gaki no Tsukai in the school.

A little bit of everything

Hello and welcome!

Don't mind me, I'm just gonna rant and deviant about a little bit of everything that goes on my daily and boring life, feel free to rant along!