Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I've seen the future and I like it

There is not much to add. The clip was created by a glass and ceramics company, wich means that everything we see here is probably in development. It makes me really really excited to think that we might be living like this in the future... I just hope not to be too old by then ( ó.Ò )

I don't know about you but in my opinon most of this projects are brilliant, others make me wonder about the compatibility, like for many of those you need that phone, others just look a bit too hard to carry and use, like the flexible display. However the concept behind it is what makes it great. 

So, what do you think?

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Oh sweet technology how much I missed you

So I finally got my computer to work (applause). But while it was gone I traveled to the past, to where the Internet was not an everyday thing, so I guessed it was around 20 years ago.

My first reaction was to crawl up in the fetal position and cry when I realized that the Internet was gone. But don't worry, this didn't last enough, after the first couple days of doing this I remembered, Oh!!! I can use the computer without Internet, suck that one cloud based OS, (Pst your computer burned down)... that leads me to sway while covering my ears with my hands and closing my eyes.

Ok that was not what we would call a good start, but hey 20 years ago people lived in caves and drove donkey powered cars... right? So I decided not to go outside my new (old?) cave afraid I would find a dinosaur walking around. Nobody likes to be eaten by raptors you know, those things can open doors... that is like saying you mess with us you get fkd up while you're sleeping.

It saddens me how their technology is better aswell

After days of isolation trying to resist, I had to do it. Go outside and fight the wild to collect food, it sounds easier than it actually is, 20 years ago people didn't shop on eBay and stuff, they had to go to the forests, kill a bear to steal his honey while running away from the raptors.

Lucky for me I found a bunny eating berries outside my cave, looks like the dinner is here! So rushed in and beated it up to steal its berries, it ran away but not without putting up a fight. Bunnies can be dangerous creatures, if you give them a change they will fk you up as hard as the raptors would, so when approaching one, never give it your back or you will regret it.

This kitty learned the lesson the hard way

The night fell and it started to get cold, I couldn't just hug my overheating computer to warm myself so I decided to make a fire...  but how?!?! I can't search about it on wikihow, so I just grabbed a big grenade from the WWII that was happening outside and started hitting it with a rock, at least that is how people do it on the movies. A click, -damn it-, then a boom.

Oh shi~

What happened after? I don't remember. How are you reading this? I don't know. But, if you ever go back 20 years in the past, bring your laptop.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Music you are ashamed to addmit you like.

I have a friend who is very "musical", what do I try to say with this?, well he just needs to listen to a song once to remember it completly, and as a bonus, if the song is catchy he will be singing it all day long. Some people might think this is a gift, I just think it is exploitable.

When we work together on any project we have a deal with music, we will take turns picking up songs, so I will pick up one and he will pick up the next and so on, this usually works fine until someone (me) picks up an annoying catchy song on a slow day (because I'm bored) to annoy the other person who usually responds with something like "damn it I hate you TURN THAT SHIT OFF!!!!" However I just ignore his plead wich leads to a lets-pick-the-worst-and-most-annoying-songs-ever battle to the point in wich both of us play songs that even annoy ourselves (or thats what he thinks) 

The truth is I have a lot of annoying, corny or repetitive songs in my arsenal that I'm ashamed to addmit I actually like, but I know I'm not alone in this!!! I know people who are usually like "oh I hate this song" but then they dance to it or have it on their computers, or simply don't mind it while listening to it on the radio.

So this is why I ask you... What songs are you ashamed to addmit you like and you probably listen to it as loud as you can inside your closet???

Just a little example of what I'm talking about.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Coffee shops and laptops

The other day a friend and me went to this nice coffeehouse near my place, we wanted to talk and this kind of places are great to do that, you know, the faint lights, the ambiental music, the coffee and a nice view. But when we got there I was pretty confused to see that like 2/3 of the people had an open latop with them. I mean, why in the name of God, would you take your laptop to a place where you supposedly go to TALK and INTERACT with someone else.

Ok let's think of the reasons to bring a laptop to a coffee shop:

1. You have a lot of work to do, but this person you really like wanted to go out, and you being the nicest person in the world go out in a date with your lover... and your work (because you are a really responsible person right?).

Brrrt wrong. It was saturday night, you most likely have nothing to do at the next day.

2. You have something (maybe video, photos or w/e get creative) in your laptop and you want to share it with the person you are going out with... because a public place is the best place to show others your shameful pictures.

Brrrt wrong. All the people with a laptop had them pointing at themselves, and sometimes there were as many laptops as persons in the table. (Fk sharing this be only mine!)

3. You are a trendy hipster (oh the irony) and you think having a laptop in a coffee shop is neat because you think it makes you look smart.

Oh we have a winner! The screens I got to spy on, had: desktop wallpaper, the browser on google, 2 lines of an in-progress-email, and other trivialities. I couldn't help but laugh out loud in the middle of the shop when I stopped to think about it.

So now you know folks, bring your laptop next time you are on a date in a coffee shop! and maybe you would look as happy as this little guy.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

A couple memories.

An old friend will spend a couple here like a scale in one of his many trips, wich is great because he is a really fun person and always manages to deal with weird situations.

I remember this one time in Madrid, we were around the city at night looking for something to do, it was pretty late but we were still a bit too drunk to realize (drinking wine is a bad BAD thing) we saw a something maybe it was a night club or a bar I can't remember, however we locked it as our next target but the guy that lets you in didn't wanted us to, we were trying to convice him but I doubt our drunk reasoning was working because at some point my friend starts saying "Let us in! we are mexican!!!" Yeah right! as if being mexican is something that matters. But surprisingly enough the big bad guy is like Orly? "Ok come in because the owner is mexican". I still can't believe that argument worked. 

In London, we decided to go meet the fun side of the city, so we go happily to this place I forgot its name, outside there was this huge hefty bald hooligan. He stared at us when we wanted to go in, he bows a little (we are not exactly tall) without losing sight at us, he takes out his black glasses and tell us with a deep voice "Do you know... this is a gay bar right?" And then my friend is like "Uh yeah, I'm here for the guys, shes here for the girls" Then the big hefty bald hooligan now with a thin voice and waving his hand is like "Oh cool come in come in!". Its impressive how fast a person can change. 


Anyways from the previous post: What kind of music are you getting into lately? 

 I'm pretty much in a phase of rediscovering the 70's rock bands ^_^

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Music Lately

I'm aliveeee! well kind of, after some well deserved (I think) vacation I still need time to rest (Yes I'm still tired!) at least school is over so I have loads of time now to write stuff here ^_^

The other day I was talking with a friend who was annoying me with "Why do you hate all the music?!?!?" well I'm sorry but I don't hate ALL the music, just the music you like (If you are reading this, you know I love you <3) but I have a good reason for it, and it is because they all sound the freaking same, and after a while I get bored with it. 

However bish wouldn't believe me so I had to look for proof, luck on my side I watched this videos some years ago, odds are you have watched them already but if not they will help illustrate what I'm saying.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Stop Motion

So I was searching for King Crimson on youtube and I was pretty dissapointed to see that they are not as popular as they should be, but oh well, at least I found this stop motion movie with Epitaph as the background sound... I was like oh nice! however the clip was shorter than the song so the person who did this had to loop it a little so after that I was like... aw damn! Now I'm on a quest to find the original video.

I really like stop motion short clips, the amount of work needed to make one of them is outstanding. So for now I'm going to share a few with you, starting with Tim Burton's (Nuff said) Vincent: 

The Sand Castle (Le Chateu de Sable) This one is amazing because they use sand as a central element, one wich is really hard to manage:

The Captain's Daughter (КАПИТАНСКАЯ ДОЧКА) This one is longer (around 30 mins) but couldn't find it with subs *sighs*, anyways here is the first part, and if somehow you understand russian or if you are simply don't care the next parts are here and here. It is based on the novel with the same name: