Saturday, July 2, 2011

A couple memories.

An old friend will spend a couple here like a scale in one of his many trips, wich is great because he is a really fun person and always manages to deal with weird situations.

I remember this one time in Madrid, we were around the city at night looking for something to do, it was pretty late but we were still a bit too drunk to realize (drinking wine is a bad BAD thing) we saw a something maybe it was a night club or a bar I can't remember, however we locked it as our next target but the guy that lets you in didn't wanted us to, we were trying to convice him but I doubt our drunk reasoning was working because at some point my friend starts saying "Let us in! we are mexican!!!" Yeah right! as if being mexican is something that matters. But surprisingly enough the big bad guy is like Orly? "Ok come in because the owner is mexican". I still can't believe that argument worked. 

In London, we decided to go meet the fun side of the city, so we go happily to this place I forgot its name, outside there was this huge hefty bald hooligan. He stared at us when we wanted to go in, he bows a little (we are not exactly tall) without losing sight at us, he takes out his black glasses and tell us with a deep voice "Do you know... this is a gay bar right?" And then my friend is like "Uh yeah, I'm here for the guys, shes here for the girls" Then the big hefty bald hooligan now with a thin voice and waving his hand is like "Oh cool come in come in!". Its impressive how fast a person can change. 


Anyways from the previous post: What kind of music are you getting into lately? 

 I'm pretty much in a phase of rediscovering the 70's rock bands ^_^


  1. who knew gay bars didnt allow non-gay people in

  2. those will be the best memories tonight that song

  3. Gay bars/clubs sound fun when my girl friends tell me stories about them. I tend to leave it to the experts though

  4. I'm pretty into Ellie Goulding lately

  5. I'm into ambient radio, recently. Relaxing...

  6. Devo fan for life. Sadly every one of my friends think that the song "Whip It" is the worst song in existence...